brand spotlight: KIMCHI BLUE

HELLOOOO. I'm genuinely obsessed with the brand Kimchi Blue and came across this shirt at Urban. Usually I try to avoid pricey items from stores like Urban..buttt this shirt was too good to pass up. ;) Sometimes you just have to splurge. Ya feel? xo

shop this Kimchi Blue Judy Lace-Up top here 

Back in style: ft. Krave Fanny Packs

F is for fanny pack Friday !..? 

I've wanted to bring fanny packs back for so long and it just so happened that Krave sent me this cutest pack! Seriously..why aren't fanny packs more popular? They are so convenient and fit perfectly right above your fanny. ;) I say we bring em back in style..whose with me?! 

shop Krave PACS 



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